Security Video Shows Suspect Point Gun At Cashiers Before Stealing Police Cruiser And Weapon

The chaotic 19-mile chase that ended when police shot and killed a suspect in Quincy, began with an armed robbery at a 7-Eleven in Rockland. WBZ-TV's Christina Hager reports.

Video Transcript

- The chaos began at a 7-eleven in Rockland with the armed robbery. You can actually see it here in this surveillance video. WBZ'S Christina Hager picks up our team coverage.

CHRISTINA HAGER: It was this handgun that had everyone involved, including police, on edge. This security video shows the suspect robbing a 7-eleven and making off with a wad of more than $330 cash.

- I do feel very lucky that I missed it.

CHRISTINA HAGER: By the time Heather [INAUDIBLE] arrived, another customer had already helped lead police to the fleeing suspect, who neighbors say even tried to get into a couple of houses when a veteran officer spotted him.

JOHN LLEWELLYN: My officer drew his service revolver, pointed it at him, told him to get on the ground. He refused to comply with the commands and, in fact, put his arms up and challenged the officer to shoot him.

CHRISTINA HAGER: The chief says the officer tased the suspect, but that didn't work. The man then jumping into the officer's cruiser.

JOHN LLEWELLYN: The officers approached from the front of the vehicle, drew their service weapons, pointed it at the suspect in the vehicle. He backed up for about 12 feet, put it in drive, and then sped towards the officers.

CHRISTINA HAGER: That led to a chase, joined by Abbington Police. One Abbington officer hurt after he lost control, hitting a utility pole and landing upside down. A Weymouth Cruiser also damaged. Meantime, inside the stolen Rockland cruiser, this is the broken bracket that was holding the officer's semi-automatic patrol rifle.

JOHN LLEWELLYN: He was able to bend the metal brackets and able to work that rifle out.

CHRISTINA HAGER: Fortunately, the suspect never used that police weapon. We're told the two officers from Abbington and Weymouth who crashed during the pursuit are doing fine, but there is still a missing weapon, the gun that was used in that robbery. Police are out looking for it now. In Rockland, Christina Hager, WBZ News.