See the 27 funniest parents on social media this week

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As the school year ends and summer begins, we need to remember: we'll laugh about this someday. Probably.

Until then, take a deep breath, grab something full of carbs, and enjoy a few laughs courtesy of some fellow parents.

Nope, it's not 78 either.


Still no keys, though.

Times are hard for everyone.

Hands off my algorithm!

Pass the kale, I guess. Sigh.


That went well.

Yeah, we've got one of those at home.

It's fun.

Summer's going well.

Providing a public service.

"Wait, what?!"


Oh, just one more thing before you go...



Soul mates!

Worth the effort, 100%.

Allllll the graduations.

It is!

I have a positive relationship with Ben & Jerry's.

There should be a Yelp category.

They grow up too fast.

It. Never. Ends.

Serenity now!


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