See-Through Bathtub: Sexy Spa or Privacy Down the Drain?

At first this transparent tub looks appealing – perhaps even moreso to some when they see a girl perched on the promotional photograph about to get in. But those of us who like our privacy, one has to wonder: what happens when this woman steps out of the frame and into the bath with those windows wide open all around?

To be sure, this bathtub from Gruppo has every luxury feature one could wish for. While not quite a walk-in, stepping into the spacious interior gives one access to hydro-massage and hydrothermal spa options for relaxing and working out muscle tension. This fixture also comes equipped with radio, audio players and headphone adapters all in reach – as well as remote to use them with and headrest to lie back on.

So, in many regards this would be a spectacular all-in-one high-tech bathtub even if the sides were not made of thick glass. Still, for those of us who like to think of a bath as a solitary, private and relaxing place to close your eyes, lean back and meditate, the idea of open sides – even if no one else is around – may seem a little too geared for the amateur exhibitionist.

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