You Have to See How a Black Light Transforms This Invisible Ink Wallpaper

Selena Barrientos
Photo credit: Flavor Paper

From House Beautiful

Flavor Paper continues rethinking wallpaper—from their signature fruity scratch-and-sniff wallpaper to their marijuana-scented wallpaper on a subtle weed design. Now, the Brooklyn-based company is expanding their capabilities into the unseen, more specifically, invisible ink.

Part of the newly released Wild Life Collection, Flavor Paper shared this unique idea using their new Enfumé mural, chosen it for its playful contrast. In day-to-day lighting, individuals simply see a muted colored wallpaper filled with trees, succulents, plants, and even mountains far off in the distance. But incorporated into it is invisible ink that under black light reveals a security camera, a spaceship, and also the Night King from Game of Thrones.

Flavor Paper is always pushing the envelope by creating compelling wallcoverings that encourage conversations, and invisible ink will definitely have houseguests asking questions. The special element can be incorporated into both hand-screened prints and digital designs, further transforming walls into more personalized artwork.

Whether you’re interested in adding any of Flavor Paper’s unconventional wallpaper into your home or perhaps, a café, the invisible ink can bring to life anything your heart desires, like logos, one-of-a-kind branding, inspirational messages, and of course, cheeky creatures. And remember to always have a black light handy, so you'll instantly be the coolest person around with an unexpected party trick.

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