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See Every Car, Wagon, and SUV in Volvo's 2019 Model Lineup

Once-boring Volvo has revamped its entire lineup over the last few years, and the results are impressive. The automaker's SUVs, wagons and sedans feature sleek exterior styling and contemporary, luxurious interiors that rival anything from Germany or Japan. Safety continues to be a top Volvo priority, only now it's joined by modern technology like the Sensus touchscreen display that controls all major interior functions and a semi-autonomous driving function blending adaptive cruise control and a self-steering lane-keeping system.

For the uninitiated, the lineup is segmented into three distinct size classes denoted by the numbers 40, 60, and 90; sedans are labeled by the prefix "S," wagons carry the "V" label, and SUVs use "XC." So, in practice, this means the XC40 is the brand's smallest SUV, the XC90 is the largest. The S60 sedan is smaller than the S90 sedan, as is the V60 wagon to the V90.

Click through to see Volvo's entire lineup-and see why it is no longer the quirky outsider among top-tier luxury brands it used to be.

See Every Car, Wagon, and SUV in Volvo's 2019 Model Lineup

Forget the boxy Volvos you think you know-today the Swedish automaker's lineup is sleek and luxurious.

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