SEE IT: Guardian Angel sees red, attacks New York Assembly candidate taunting him on Manhattan subway

Thomas Tracy, New York Daily News
·2 min read

A Guardian Angels patrol volunteer turned in his red beret this week after he was caught on video attacking a New York Assembly candidate and another man on an Upper East Side subway, officials said.

Startling video shared on social media shows the Angel, identified only as Dan, karate-kicking Assembly candidate Patrick Bobilin and fighting with another man on a Q train Thursday night after the pair said the anti-crime group liked to “pick on the weak.”

The Guardian Angel demands to know what they do for the homeless, before he starts tussling with Bobilin, who shared the video Friday on Twitter.

The patrolman’s fellow Angel and another woman on the train step in to break up the fight, the clip shows.

“I thought you guys were violence interrupters!” Bobilin, who is running for the Upper East Side’s 76th District, says in the video.

“Last night, after Guardian Angels stalked the Stonewall Protests, members were riding the Q while I was on the way home. They were picking fights with riders from the march,” Bobilin tweeted. “One member got in my face while I was seated and then tried to karate kick me. Another rider intervened.”

“When do we treat the Guardian Angels, real-life boogeymen of 80 1/4 u2032s fearmongering, like we said we would treat gangs during the ‘tough on crime’ era?” Bobilin wrote. “They now have embroidered uniforms. It’s a brazen performance of systemic inequality.”

Radio host Curtis Sliwa, who founded the Guardian Angels in 1979 to patrol the subways when crime was rampant, said Dan reached out to him moments after the attack and submitted his resignation.

“He definitely crossed the line,” Sliwa said Saturday. “He called me that night, described what had happened and said he would have to resign.”

Dan had been volunteering with the Guardian Angels for about a year and usually patrolled the Upper East Side train lines, Sliwa said.

“You don’t do that,” Sliwa said about the attack. “We’re supposed to take the verbal abuse. He totally mishandled it.”

Sliwa called Bobilin a “Guardian Angel harasser” who has repeatedly and publicly criticized both himself and his members.

Bobilin on Twitter called the Guardian Angel who attacked him a “police-sanctioned gang member.”

“So, after years of harassing LGBTQ youth, homeless NYers, and more, it’s time to break up this gang,” the Assembly candidate wrote.