You Need to See This Intricate Paper Diorama Lamp All Lit Up

Elizabeth Gulino
Photo credit: Simon Strauss
Photo credit: Simon Strauss

From House Beautiful

Homes have become ever-evolving design projects for their owners, telling a person's story piece by piece. It's no wonder that as a result, we long for unique, one-of-a-kind items. A statement piece can transform any room from blah to bright-especially when that piece is a source of light, like this one.

Created by Simon Strauss and fully funded by a Kickstarter campaign, this insanely intricate diorama lamp is the revamp your bedside table (or any table, really) needs. The artist says he was inspired by Professor Masahiro Chatani, the originator of the origamic architecture art seen in the lamp, to create this lit-up diorama of a castle in the sky.

Using the Japanese art of paper cutting and folding called kirigami, Strauss utilizes stark white paper and acrylic to emphasize the shadowing effects under natural lighting-which he credits directly to Professor Chatani's influence. This diorama is lit entirely from the back, accentuating the intricate cuts and creases seen when you look closely at the piece.

Strauss says this dreamy scene transports viewers right into a fantasy world, and I couldn't agree more. Each lamp is assembled and folded by hand, capturing the one-of-a-kind feel you'd want a light like this to bring into your home.

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