You need to see Millie Bobby Brown with strawberry blonde hair

millie bobby brown, a young woman, wears her hair up and a black strapless gown with a sculpted metal neck piece and large hoop earings while posing for photographers at the glamour women of the year 2023 arrivals
PSA: Millie Bobby Brown is now a redhead Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images
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We may have met Millie Bobby Brown bald (or close enough), playing Eleven in Stranger Things as a young 12-year-old whipper snapper, but since then she's had a broad range of hairstyle lengths and hues. Short, long, blonde, brown, 00s, but what we haven't seen... is her as a redhead.

The star, who just turned 20 (sorry what?), has a new film out on Netflix on March 8th and the BTS promo that was just shared on Instagram... wow. Millie is sporting long strawberry blonde red hair that's very apt for the medieval vibes of the film, and it honestly looks like the colour she was born with.

The colour isn't a vibrant pre-Raphelite red, but instead, a softer chestnutty red that comes to life when the light is on it. The long tresses go through numerous states during the clip as Millie's character Elodie's story unfolds. Netflix describes the film as: "A young woman's marriage to a charming prince turns into a fierce fight for survival when she's offered up as a sacrifice to a fire-breathing dragon."

And the hairstyles make sense as we see everything from soft curls and princess braids to wild flaming waves, drenched bedraggled tresses and even a short length we're imagining comes at some point in the course of her transformation from damsel to warrior princess. Basically, it looks absolutely badass and of course, she had to be a redhead for the role.

We are adding this to our watchlist so so fast.

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