SEE IT: NYC cops seek two men who opened fire in wild Upper West Side gunfight

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Shocking video shows two men blasting bullets at each other during a broad-daylight gunfight on an Upper West Side street, police said Wednesday.

The men turned W. 103rd St. just east of Broadway into a dueling grounds at about 2:20 p.m. Tuesday, but all of their shots went stray as they ducked behind parked cars for cover, cops said.

The gunplay started when one of the gunmen, dressed in a blue hoodie, grey sweatpants and a surgical mask, rushed around the corner, fished a pistol out of his pocket, and started running and shooting.

His target, dressed in a dark hoodie and dark, striped sweatpants, quickly ran for cover behind a car, pulled his own gun out, and returned fire.

The two then popped in and out of cover as they fired shots from behind cars. The man in striped sweatpants hopped on a go-ped scooter and zipped away.

No one was hit in the chaos.

Cops released video of the gunfight Wednesday, and are asking anyone with info about either shooter to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

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