See how people are coping with the scary chill of the polar vortex

Chloe Bryan

Parts of the Midwest are experiencing the coldest temperatures in 20 years this week as the polar vortex takes hold. 

On Wednesday morning, it was -22 degrees in Chicago, with a wind chill of -49, according to CNN. In northern Minnesota, wind chills dropped to -65. Flights are being delayed and cancelled. The USPS has partially halted service. In some places, it's possible to get frostbite after only a few minutes of skin exposure.

On Twitter, people are sharing the polar vortex's wild effects in their own hometowns. There's indoor ice, boiling water vaporizing into the air, innovative winter-wear layering techniques, and (crucially) bundled-up dogs.

In Chicago, commuter rail tracks were set on fire to keep them operational in the frigid temperatures. 

Things are getting weird out there.

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An extremely light morning rush hour.

Image: Scott Olson / Getty Images

The Chicago River is partially frozen.

Image: Scott Olson / Getty Images

Out for a walk.

Image: Stephen Maturen / AFP /Getty Images

If your region is experiencing these temperatures, minimize your time outside as much as possible. If you need to go outside to do the boiling water challenge, fine, but head back inside ASAP. And bring your pets with you!

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