SEE IT: Runaway horses bring traffic to a halt during ‘slow speed pursuit’ in Tulsa

David Matthews, New York Daily News
·1 min read

A pair of runaway horses brought traffic to a standstill in Tulsa last week while trotting down the street and leading police on a “slow speed pursuit.”

The stunning scene occurred Thursday after the two horses were accidentally freed, leading to them running wild and free around the Oklahoma city.

While galloping down a main thoroughfare, the horses “committed numerous traffic infractions,” police said. However, officers had great difficulty getting the horses to pull over.

The animals were eventually steered into a parking lot and reunited with their owners.

Police were happy the incident was resolved without any humans or horses getting hurt.

“Please call 911 for any horse or large farm animals who may be playing in traffic,” the Tulsa Police Department wrote on Facebook.