Seeking Solace: Do healing crystals work? Experts weigh in

"People are anxious and they are looking for solace." It's been a growing trend since the start of the beginning but do healing crystals actually work? Here's what we found out.

Video Transcript

- New at 11:00, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many are finding different ways to lessen their stress and their anxiety. For some, it could mean taking on new hobbies, new recipes maybe perhaps, or even finding solace in collecting healing stones and crystals.

- ABC 7 News reporter Amanda del Castillo explores their return to popularity.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Donna Yarcia owns Catch Deez Vibes, an online Instagram shop for ever popular healing stones and crystals. Based in the Bay Area, Yarcia says business has been booming during the pandemic, with people looking to maintain positive protective energy.

DONNA YARCIA: I think that because each crystal has a specific type of property that really helps people like, you know, either find direction and a path of what they maybe even want to do or like where to start.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Since launching in October and serving customers as far as New York, Yarcia has found a growing crystal community on social media, all finding a sense of healing during COVID-19. We caught up with Santa Clara University psychology professor Dr. Thomas Plante to ask about this type of intervention.

THOMAS PLANTE: We don't work with crystals or anything like that, because there's no scientific evidence for the psychological efficacy of them. But on the other hand, placebos work.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Dr. Plante calls it a placebo, but doesn't dismiss what healing crystals may do for some people, especially during what he calls a mental health tsunami, as we continue to deal with the pandemic, racism, political conflict and more.

THOMAS PLANTE: People are anxious and they are looking for solace. And they're going to look towards things that may make them feel comfortable. And crystals are one of those things.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: When dealing with anxiety, panic and depression, Dr. Plante instead suggests seeking professional help. However, Yarcia says she wouldn't classify these crystals as placebos, instead pointing to tangible healing properties she's experienced herself.

DONNA YARCIA: I think it's just something that you can manifest like, you know, right in front of you. Like I have a crystal, like I hold it, like I can feel the energy from it. But it's just a starting point for whatever healing process or journey you want to go on.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: In the South Bay, I'm Amanda del Castillo, ABC 7 News.