A selection of connected apps and accessories for cyclists

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The mobile app indicates the last known location and whether the bike has been moved.

As a growing number of cities get involved with bike share programs, such as Pittsburgh which introduced its HealthyRide system this weekend and San Francisco which revealed plans to significantly expand its version last week, here's a look at some of the best apps and latest innovations for cyclists.

Road Bike

This app, available for download from Apple or Android, has over 50 different features for analyzing training sessions and races. It measures distance, time, rhythm and calories burned, and graphics provide a view of speed, altitude and frequency. Bikeaholics can even share these on social networks.

Bike Repair
Indispensable to be prepared for all mechanical problems, the Bike Repair app, with versions for Apple and Android, is there to help you fix and maintain your bike. Fifty-eight repair guides and 95 tips and tricks with visual guides and precise photos provide the solution to every problem. The screen also indicates the weather for the day.

A highly playful app, Kappo, allows you to create a profile with an avatar. To motivate cyclists, the app turns into a game and rewards them for every 10 minute or 10km round by allowing them to win virtual gold pieces, all while measuring real-time performance. The little extra: the ability to customize your avatar with trendy or fun accessories.

Lifebeam Smart Helmet
This high-performance bicycle helmet connected to a smartphone has numerous built-in sensors that record physical condition in real-time, monitor heartrate and calculate calories burned. All that information is analyzed and sent to the smartphone via the dedicated app.

A connected pedal
Presented at CES in Las Vegas in January of this year, this connected pedal by Connected Cycle, present on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, allows you to locate a lost or stolen bike instantly. The mobile app indicates its last known location and notifies the user if the bike has been moved. An activity tracker also monitors distance, speed and calories burned.

Sondors Electric Bike
This new electric bike concept, named after its inventor, is designed for mountain biking. Fast, cheap and customizable, this e-bike created with top-of-the-line tech has a 50 mile range and a battery that recharges in just 90 minutes. Not yet in retail, it is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for under $650.

This auto-filling water bottle for cyclists is the creation of an Austrian industrial design student. It collects humidity in the air during a bike ride and condenses it into drinking water thanks to a filtering system that separates water molecules and keeps them in the bottle. Practical and eco-friendly, this object, powered by solar panels, ensures you'll never be out of water during your ride and allows you to set off a bit lighter. It has yet to be mass-marketed.