Self-described oracle credits spiritual journey, self discovery for ability

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May 2—Andi Sallee left Daviess County when she was 15 years old to move to Tennessee with her family. Now, 14 years later and nine years into a spiritual journey, the self-described oracle or medium decided it was time to come home.

Sallee, 34, said she began a spiritual journey nine years ago after nearly a decade of struggles and personal tragedies, and it allowed her to better understand her gifts.

"Physically, things started happening to me after a lot of traumatic experiences," Sallee said. "At 25, I started realizing that I was emotionally processing other people's energy fields and not my own a lot, and I wanted to know why I did that."

Sallee, originally from Maceo, said she began to have deep conversations with both herself and God, which allowed her to have a greater awareness.

"I started feeling things and sensing things that felt abnormal, because I was hearing a voice or a feeling or a notion intuitively that was given to me that I could only recognize from the communications that I had been having with God," she said.

Because the term "medium" might make some people afraid or uncomfortable, Sallee said she prefers the term oracle, because what she does is not just about connecting people with deceased loved ones, but also includes delivering messages to those who might hear specific things at a critical time in their life.

"My main point, my main focal point in everything that I do under all services, a medium is being able to talk to your teachers, your guardian angel, your ascending masters, these beings of light that work above you," she said. "Then also having the ability to talk to your lineage, where you came from, your grandparents ... these are the people you come from, and they are in another place."

Sallee said she will soon be offering her services out of the Meta Crystal Shop, 2316 Veach Road, Owensboro. Rather than set specific prices for specific services, she prefers clients just make a donation.

"I have been strictly donation-based since I started, so there is never a set cost to anything that I practice," she said. "What feeds my soul in the process, is the availability to meet souls that need me in that mirrored image of what they are going through and to be able to learn from them as much as they learn from me."

Sallee said donations for her services are not limited to money.

"Donation-based has always meant if you don't have cash on hand, it could be bringing me a stone, it could be making me chocolate chip cookies and bringing them in, it could be whatever you have," she said. "The only reason it is saying donation is because if you don't have anything, still come see me."

Sallee said that she can relate to Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz," a film she enjoyed as a child in Maceo, when she thinks about her life's journey.

"Dorothy goes over the rainbow and she sees all this wonder, and she gets her heart and her mind and she gets her courage, and then she makes it to the Emerald City, and she kind of breaks through her heart frequency and she is like, 'Now I am ready to go home,' and it is the struggle for her to go home," Sallee said. "When she finally gets home, she wakes up and it was a dream, but she is so excited that she is back home, and she recognizes that the people that were in her dream were the people that were in her life the whole time."

She did not however, have any concerns about returning to her hometown.

"I have been extremely well received since I have been home, and I have not felt out of place once, and I have been here, there and everywhere floating around for eight weeks," she said.

She said her process happens very organically when someone comes through the door wanting to speak with her.

"Usually we are serving tea, some kind of good herbal tea, because it will open up their energy and you have the spirit of the plant combining with their spirit," Sallee said.

A time window of about two hours is typically needed, she said.

"I become empty," she said. "Andi doesn't exist in there for two hours, and there are energies that kind of let me know what I need to do to bring that conversation out in the room."

While she likes to have adequate time to connect with whatever her client might need at that time, Sallee said there are some individuals she simply cannot connect with.

That is why the donation-based is so important," Sallee said. "You are not going to get nothing from me and me take something from you."