Artist transforms herself into World Cup trophy

Dylan Stableford, Yahoo News
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World Cup trophy selfie

Emma Allen, left; the World Cup trophy, right (

And you thought you had World Cup fever.

Emma Allen, a 33-year-old London-based artist, has created the defining selfie of the World Cup so far, turning her face and arms into the official green and gold trophy of the FIFA games.

Wearing a bald cap, Allen used two types of gold body paint — as well as brown, white, black and green -- to recreate the iconic piece of World Cup hardware.

She said the transformation took about three hours — two for the makeup, one to line up the perfect shot.

“The hardest thing was getting my arms and hands in the right position," Allen told the London Independent. "I took a lot of pictures before settling on the final one.”

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Not surprisingly, the stunning image has gone viral, with more than half a million page views and attention from scores of media outlets.

Just as surprisingly, Allen said that she's actually not much of a soccer fan, but was looking for a challenge.

“I wanted to try and see if I could represent it in a face paint,” Allen said. “It’s been interesting to see all the different interpretations of the picture."

Here's another look at Allen's trophy-worthy transformation:

Emma Allen transforms herself into the World Cup trophy. (