Selfless' mom reveals she's a kidney donor after testing all year for approval

TikToker Alyssa Lalmond (@alyssa_lalmond) recently posted a heartfelt video to TikTok, which shows her inspiring mom surprising her sister-in-law’s father, Bob, by revealing that she is his kidney donor . The emotional clip begins with footage of Lalmond’s mother dancing in anticipation and holding a green sign with the words “I’m your donor!” written on it in big block letters. “I’m about to tell Bob I’m his kidney donor,” her mom excitedly whispers to the camera before rushing off to Bob’s home for the big reveal. The clip then cuts to a shot of Lalmond’s mother waiting in Bob’s backyard, eagerly holding up her sign. “I’m just so excited!” she says with a massive smile before the video cuts to a shot of a screen door. The door slides open, and Bob walks outside followed by his wife and a few other family members. Their jaws drop in disbelief, and the man’s hands dramatically clasp over his cheeks. A unique and emotional reunion ensues. Everyone is in tears, and Bob is so shocked and overwhelmed. The two embrace, and sounds of muffled sobs coupled with “Oh my Gods” echo in the background. “The way he clapped his little hands cause he didn’t know how to react was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” one viewer declared