Sellersburg opens new police headquarters

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Sep. 22—SELLERSBURG — The community of Sellersburg welcomed the opening of a new police station Wednesday.

Located at 8757 Old Ind. 60, the building was renovated for the police due to the last station having problems with mold and electrical issues. The renovations were approximately $2.5 million in cost.

At first, the building was being considered for a new town hall. As it was being viewed by the staff, they found out that it would be able to fit the police headquarters at half the cost of constructing a new building.

"Every time it rained, we had an indoor pool that got expensive over the years," Chief Russ Whelan said. "I started this conversation many years ago, about a new headquarters."

The location was chosen because it is in a central spot to the whole town. From the location police are able to get to anywhere in Sellersburg faster, making response time quicker for those who need immediate attention from police.

There are 19 full-time officers and two civilian employees working at the new station.

"Our officers aren't sitting in here in this 10,000 square foot building enjoying the nice 85-inch TVs, the luxuries and the nice air conditioning," Sellersburg Council President Brad Amos said. "They're out there working hard on the street every single day."

While planning the renovations of the building, Whelan brought all of his officers to check out the building. They all agreed that the building should be the new station.

With the new police station authorities believe they are able to keep Sellersburg more safe and to make new members to the community feel safe and want to stay and be a part of the community.

"This is something that the officers and the community can be proud of," Whelan said. "This is my fifth council. This by far has been the most support that I have received for this project because we wouldn't be here without them."

Tours of the police department were taken after the ribbon cutting, as people at the event were able to see firsthand the new office. The office is split into two parts, with one side for the officers and detectives and the other side for the chief and other employees.

With the split of the two, they are able to be more efficient in their work without needing to disturb each other.

"The layout was like it was made to be our new home," Whelan said.