Sen. Cory Booker Reveals Jan. 6 Image That'll 'Haunt' Him For The Rest Of His Life

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There’s one sight that Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) will never forget from his experience at the U.S. Capitol during the attack on Jan. 6, 2021.

In an interview on “The Late Show” on Monday, Booker described “hell” breaking loose on the Senate floor that day. Staffers were crying and multiple police officers suffered injuries in the attack. But there’s one image that still haunts him.

″[The image that] will affect me for the rest of my life was getting to my office and turning on my TV and the first image I saw waving defiantly in our Capitol was the traitor’s flag, the Confederate flag,” Booker told host Stephen Colbert. “And as I continued to watch, I saw people with Camp Auschwitz T-shirts, blatant racism and anti-semitism. Black officers I know were called vile and vicious names during this attack. Hate reigned on our Capitol as people tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power.”

Listen to Booker’s evaluation of the Jan. 6 attack below:

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