Sen. Murkowski: 'I will be a yes' to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-AK, announces her intent to vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Video Transcript

LISA MURKOWSKI: I do not believe that moving forward on a nominee just over a week removed from a pitched presidential election when partisan tensions are running about as high as they could-- I don't think that this will help our country become a better version of itself. But frankly, I've lost that procedural fight. We saw that with the vote yesterday.

So what I can do now is be consistent with the precedent that I have set for myself and oppose a process that I said should not move forward. And I've done that. But at the end of the process is the substantive question of whether Judge Barrett should be categorically rejected as an associate justice in order to underscore my procedural objection.

I believe that the only way to put us back on the path of appropriate consideration of judicial nominees is to evaluate Judge Barrett as we would want to be judged-- on the merits of her qualifications. And we do that when that final question comes before us. And when it does, I will be a yes. I have no doubt about her intellect. I have no doubt about Judge Barrett's judicial temperament. I have no doubt about her capability to do the job and to do it well.

So while I oppose the process that has led us to this point, I do not hold it against her as an individual who has navigated the gauntlet with grace, skill, and humility. I will vote no on the procedural votes ahead of us but yes to confirm Judge Barrett when the question before us is her qualification to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court. With that, Mr. President, I yield the floor.