Sen. Sasse Rips Into ‘Pajama-Boy-Nazi’ Richard Spencer

White nationalist Richard Spencer speaks to select media in his office space on August 14, 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia. Spencer, head of the National Policy Institute and self-described creator of the term 'alt-right,' got in a Twitter argument with Sen. Ben Sasse.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska is well known for sharing quick, personal and sometimes funny tweets.

Case in point:

This evening, he took to Twitter for something different: fighting back against white nationalist Richard Spencer.

Sasse tweeted, “No one loves American-vs-American fighting more than Putin. His intel agencies stroke both sides of every divide,” with a link to a Reuters article about the NFL debate and Russian internet trolls.

Spencer, American internet troll and one of the leaders of the alt-right movement, Richard, responded: “In the minds of goober conservatives, the Russians are to blame for racial divisions.”

And Sasse got pretty Sasse-y.

Sasse didn’t properly thread his tweets, and many of his followers pointed out the mistake, to which he answered: “My bad... (I learned how to thread tweets on a 1997 Blackberry in Kansas)”

Spencer is president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank. He rejects the idea that he is a white supremacist, and instead refers to himself as an “identitarian.” He does, however, advocate for a “white homeland” and called for a “peaceful ethnic cleansing.”

Spencer has led the alt-right movement and runs the website During a National Policy Institute conference, he denounced Jews and quoted from Nazi propaganda. He also led a rally in Washington D.C. after Trump’s election, where he guided members of the rally in a Nazi salute in which they loudly declared “hail Trump.”

Many moderate conservatives, Sasse among them, have denounced the alt-right movement lead by Spencer. But Trump has yet to come out to denounce them himself, and once even retweeted an alt-right leader who praised Spencer.

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