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Sen. Warren Wants Full Investigation of GameStop

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Mar.03 -- Senator Elizabeth Warren says she wants a full investigation of GameStop Corp. and she says "big tech" should be broken up. She spoke with Bloomberg's Kevin Cirilli on March 2, 2021.

Video Transcript

ELIZABETH WARREN: I want to see a full investigation. I want to know--

KEVIN CIRILLI: Policywise though, is there--

ELIZABETH WARREN: But that is the policywise. I want to know who was behind the scenes on some of the critical decisions that were made, including the decisions about who could trade and who couldn't at critical moments. I also want to see an investigation into the contracts that folks signed in order to work through GameStop, which means they have forced arbitration clauses. So if they get cheated, they can't actually go to court. That's not right.

KEVIN CIRILLI: Merrick Garland, are you satisfied on his antitrust answers? You think he's going in the right direction on antitrust?

ELIZABETH WARREN: I think that Merrick Garland is definitely going in the right direction.

KEVIN CIRILLI: You mentioned one year later into the pandemic, we've become more reliant as a society on the internet, big tech. You've raised a lot of concerns about big tech. Are you more concerned now about big tech than you were a year ago?



ELIZABETH WARREN: Because big tech is now more powerful than ever.

KEVIN CIRILLI: You think they are?

ELIZABETH WARREN: Yes. They are more powerful economically. We rely on them more economically. They are more powerful socially. We rely on them more for our connections. And they are more powerful politically. We need to break up big tech.