Senate Dems push COVID relief, slam Trump drawdown

Senate Democrats are pushing for a generous COVID relief package, while also slamming President Donald Trump for throwing up obstacles during the transition, and planning to drawdown U.S. troops in the Mideast. (Nov. 17)

Video Transcript

CHUCK SCHUMER: The country wants us to come together and get something done to deal with this COVID crisis. But Senate Republicans have continued denying the election results, and they are holding America back.

It's outrageous that the Trump administration has refused to provide the President-elect with high-level intelligence briefings, or brief the transition on the vaccine distribution plan.

TAMMY DUCKWORTH: Over the past week, President Trump has upended any sense of stability in the Department of Defense. Aside from reports that he literally wants to attack Iran and has plans to weaken our military, betray our allies, and arm our enemies with a rapid, unsafe troop drawdown in the Middle East, he also fired Secretary Esper and replaced him and other top Pentagon officials with a series of unqualified loyalists who seem to have been chosen for their loyalty to this one man in the White House, rather than their own competence.

This upheaval represents a dangerous escalation at one of the most fraught moments possible. This is the wrong way. This is why all of the military commanders have spoken up and said, this is the wrong thing to do. We want our troops home, but let's not bring them home in body bags. And that's potentially what's going to happen if this president gets his way and puts his own political timeline ahead of our national security.