Senate passes Iran war powers resolution, Schumer admits it would take a 'miracle' for Trump not to veto

Brendan Morrow

The Senate has voted to limit President Trump from pursuing military action against Iran without approval from Congress, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is holding out some hope he won't veto it.

The Senate in a 55 to 45 vote Thursday passed Sen. Tim Kaine's (D-Va.) resolution, with eight Republicans joining the effort to ensure Trump receive authorization from Congress before taking military action against Iran, The New York Times reports. The resolution was not passed with enough support to override a veto from Trump.

"Miracles happen," Schumer said in a press conference after the vote, BuzzFeed News reports. "Maybe President Trump will come to his senses and not veto this."

That certainly would be a miracle. A recent White House statement of administration policy makes clear that Trump's "advisors would recommend that he veto the joint resolution,"and Trump ahead of the vote this week tweeted that passing the resolution "sends a very bad signal," also writing that "if my hands were tied, Iran would have a field day."

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