Senate to receive impeachment article Monday

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to send the article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate on Monday, launching the start of the former president's trial on a charge of incitement of insurrection over the deadly Capitol riot. (Jan. 22)

Video Transcript

CHUCK SCHUMER: I've spoken to Speaker Pelosi who informed me that the articles will be delivered to the Senate on Monday. Now, I've heard some of my Republican colleagues argue that this trial would be unconstitutional because Donald Trump is no longer in office. An argument that has been roundly repudiated, debunked by hundreds of constitutional scholars, left, right, and center and defies basic common sense. It makes no sense whatsoever that a president or any official could commit a heinous crime against our country and then be permitted to resign so as to avoid accountability and a vote to disbar them from future office.

Regardless, the purveyors of this unusual argument are trying to delay the inevitable. The fact is the House will deliver the article of impeachment to the Senate. The Senate will conduct a trial of the impeachment of Donald Trump. It will be a full trial. It will be a fair trial.

But make no mistake, there will be a trial. And when that trial ends, senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump incited the insurrection against the United States.

MITCH MCCONNELL: Senate Republicans strongly believe we need a full and fair process, where the former president can mount a defense. And the Senate can properly consider the factual, legal, and constitutional questions at stake. For that reason, we suggest the House transmits this article next Thursday, but that's apparently going to be next Monday. That former President Trump's answer and the House pre-trial brief, as suggested, be due on February 4th. And the former president's pre-trial brief be due as suggested on February the 11th.

That timeline would have provided the Senate some more floor time before we step up fully into the unknown of a trial, which, by the way, would have been a substantial benefit to the incoming administration and allowed them to get more of their cabinet confirmed, which we are cooperating as best we can to expedite.