Senate Republicans hit Dems on reopening schools

As the Senate gets set to take up the massive COVID relief bill, Republicans are criticizing Democrats for failing to move quickly enough to reopen schools. (March 4)

Video Transcript

SHELLEY MOORE CAPITO: We know that the bill that's in front of us here, whenever it comes in front of us, has a lot of money in it for schools. But if you really look at it, it says that that school money is going to go out until the year 2028. This is supposed to be an emergency bill. It is an emergency to get our schools and our students back to school and our schools reopened. But with this kind of overspending, way over-the-top appropriations to our schools, it's not what we need now.

ROY BLUNT: Money is not the problem here. We're not opposed to funding schools or even helping schools as they've dealt with these challenging situations, but money's not the problem here. Will to get kids back to school is the problem. And every parent and every involved grandparent and every involved neighbor knows that kids need to be in school.

JOHN CORNYN: It feels like extortion. It feels like we have to pay off the teachers unions to get them to bless what we already know to be true, which is students can safely go back to the classroom.

JOHN BARRASSO: Joe Biden's abilities to keep his promises of opening schools-- Joe Biden-- this is a report card. He deserves an F. And it's a well-deserved grade for him, because he promised that he would have the schools open all across America within a hundred days, and he's failed, and we're halfway there.