Senate report shows oligarch gave Trump a 'sizable birthday gift'

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    How did Nunes and the Congressional committee miss this?
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    You mean the meeting that never happened, where no one could remember what was talked about, where the conversation was just about adoption.. THAT meeting?
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    “I have nothing to do with Russia. To the best of my knowledge, no person that I deal with does.” Trump, Jan. 16, 2017.
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    Big D
    Of course trump accepted the sizable painting, it was of him
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    BaHaHA Sept 7, 2017, Trump Jr. said his father’s comments “may have” been incorporated into his initial statement, which falsely suggested that the meeting primarily concerned a Russian adoption program.
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    ...that large painting, of course, was a painting of Donald Trump's favorite subject: Donald Trump.....
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    So the meeting was set up by Agalarov , a friend of Trump coming into town and Trump didn't know about it . Amazing . Vote Midterms
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    Dr. Clayton Forrester
    "...the younger Trump said “I don’t know” in his testimony at least 72 times, “I don’t [or can’t] remember” 25 times, and “I don’t [or can’t] recall” 67 times."

    It runs in the family. Soon, Trump won't even remember knowing anyone named, "Trump Jr."
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    Senator Nunes said case closed, he must be involved in this monetary laundry.
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    So looks like Don Jr. refused to answer a question 164 times