Longtime Biden ally Sen. Chris Coons says former vice president is guided by faith

Suzanne Smalley

Sen. Chris Coons, who will introduce former Vice President Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, says his remarks will focus on Biden’s religious faith.

“Joe Biden is someone who I’ve seen in moments both public and private turn to God in prayer for comfort, for strength, for guidance,” the Delaware Democrat told the Yahoo News “Skullduggery” podcast. “In moments when he’s had a remarkable victory, when he’s at his highest point, and at moments that are among the lowest points any person or parent can have, I’ve seen him, both personally and in how he connects with others, rely on his faith.”

Biden is a devout Catholic, and would likely be the most overtly religious Democratic president since Jimmy Carter. Coons, a Presbyterian who attends Catholic church, said he has always been struck by Biden’s faith and how central it is to his identity.

“He’s lived through grief himself and it’s faith that’s allowed him to get back up after life has knocked him down,” Coons said.

Chris Coons
Sen. Chris Coons. (Erin Schaff/AFP via Getty Images)

Coons, a longtime friend of Biden’s, also has a relationship with President Trump, who spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2017 when Coons was co-chairing the event. After introducing Trump to speak at the breakfast, Coons placed his hand on the president’s shoulder and prayed for him. That same week, Trump asked Coons to join him for his first ceremony as president recognizing the service of a fallen American soldier.

“I was literally standing beside President Trump at the ramp of a C-17 as the flag-draped coffin of a fallen American Navy SEAL who had been killed in Yemen came down that ramp. And you never forget those moments, the impact that it has on a family,” Coons said. “I thought it was important to show what is one of the most basic teachings of my faith, which is that you should pray always and for everyone, pray for those in power and responsibility, and pray even for your enemies.”


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