‘Send a normal DM’: Saturday Night Live mocks Adam Levine and Armie Hammer in season premiere

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and actor Armie Hammer were both mocked for their recent sex scandals during the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

The pair were depicted as contestants on a game show titled “Send Something Normal”. Host Miles Teller, appearing as game show host Halen Hardy, explained the rules: "The game is very simple. We have four male celebrity contestants, and all they have to do is reply to a woman's DM on Instagram in a way that is normal. And fellows, if you send a normal DM, you win $100m.”

SNL cast member Mikey Day played Adam Levine while James Austin Johnson was cast as Armie Hammer. Also competing were Kenan Thompson as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bowen Yang as himself.

As Levine, Day was challenged to respond to the DM: “Hey, Adam, huge fan. Love your music.”

“OK. Tough call. Can I see her most liked vacation photo?” he replied. After seeing a photo of the woman in a bikini, he added: “All right. Going to kick things off with a ‘Holy moly!’ But I got three more, though. ‘Holy moly! Holy c***! Your body is making my penis smile’.”

Levine has been at the center of a cheating scandal after an Instagram model named Sumner Stroh claimed she had an affair with the Maroon 5 frontman.

Meanwhile, James Austin Johnson as Hammer had to respond to: “Hey, Armie, hope you’re doing okay.”

“Alright, look, I know there’s been a lot of talk about me in the press, but I’ve done a lot of work on myself, and I’ve changed. So I have my message,” he said, before responding: “‘I want to break open your bones and suck out the marrow.’”

Hammer has repeatedly denied allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.