Senior Prom At Franklin Retirement Home Brings Back Old Memories

WBZ-TV's Rachel Holt reports.

Video Transcript


- All new at 6:00, dancing the night away at their senior prom. Residents at a retirement home in Franklin had the chance to let loose today.

- They were able to celebrate together for the first time since the pandemic began, and WBZ's Rachel Holt was able to go along.


- Twist and shout.

RACHEL HOLT: Dancing, food, corsages.

- Flower. Kathleen?

RACHEL HOLT: It's been a while since most of these partygoers have been to a prom.

ROBERTA WALEURGH: I did in high school, but that's years ago. [LAUGH] Back in 1953.

RACHEL HOLT: For others, it's the first time.

- I think it's beautiful. I haven't attended a prom. I was never able to graduate. I had to get out of school when I was 16.

RACHEL HOLT: Magnolia Heights Gracious Retirement Living in Franklin holding a senior prom for residents.

- It's very exciting, and it's-- everybody's talking. It's all on their minds. And are you getting dressed? You're getting dressed. No. Well, I am. Oh, maybe I will.

THELMA SCHMIDT: I look wonderful. The food is done up beautifully, and I think it's a pretty happy day for everyone.


RACHEL HOLT: And it wouldn't be a prom without the crowning of the king and queen.

- It feels great. It took me a lot of years to become the king.

- OK. It just brings back a lot of old memories.

RACHEL HOLT: This is the first big event for the 130 residents of the retirement community since the pandemic, and the turnout says it all.

ROBERTA WALEURGH: Well, you have to understand because of the virus that was going on around. So we said, OK, but we got to make it better the next year, and this is it.

CAROLYN PEREIRA: This, having an event here, it's just-- I have goose bumps. Yeah, it's very meaningful. For us, the staff, and for the residents.

RACHEL HOLT: For WBZ News, I'm Rachel Holt.

- I'm so happy we got to share that celebration.

- Such a sweet event, and you could see there's a reason why there's so much emotion there. These are folks who've been told, you need to stay away from people. And boy, a year later, they get to smile, they get to dance. It's fantastic.

- Connect in a fabulous way.