Senior Softball In The Sun

On a hot day they show up, and it's not the demographic you might expect, Mike Max reports (1:37). WCCO 4 News At 6 - June 10, 2021

Video Transcript

MIKE MAX: On a hot day they show up, and it's not just the demographic you'd necessarily expect-- softball players, more specifically senior softball players, and a little heat won't douse their unbelievable enthusiasm.

They come every week to play softball, eight teams, ages 50s to 85, and a hot sun would not keep most of them at home.

Looks like you get pretty high numbers.

JACK MEENAN: Yeah, we do. We got a lot of people, a lot of-- there's four-- there's usually four games going on.

MIKE MAX: So a little heat's not going to keep guys away?

JACK MEENAN: Well, yeah. There's a few not showing up, I think, because of the heat. Most of the guys are here.

MIKE MAX: Just bring your own water.

JACK MEENAN: Bring your own water, lots of it.

MIKE MAX: Yes, the key is in the water and plenty of it.

- Everybody's got water. We got water all over the place. Everybody gets hollered at to hydrate.

MIKE MAX: They come because they love this game. But even more, they love the camaraderie that comes with it, and they will go to great lengths to be a part of that.

You look like you've seen a ghost or you are a ghost.

KEN THEISEN: No, I got to have it.

MIKE MAX: You got good sunscreen? What do you got?

KEN THEISEN: I got to have that sunscreen on. I'm as pale as you can be.

MIKE MAX: But it works.

KEN THEISEN: It works. Yeah, it works.

MIKE MAX: What number is it? 720?

KEN THEISEN: No, just 30.

MIKE MAX: So temperatures in the 80s and 90s and a double header, but this league plays year round. So they have Minnesota perspective.

- We go until November before we go indoors. So we often play in the snow in the late fall. And then we go indoors, you know, at the dome ball-- for dome ball over at Holy Angels.

MIKE MAX: So this feels pretty good?

- This is nice.

MIKE MAX: Yeah, this is nice, man. They all have such appreciation. And I think the real reason they love to play is to be with each other, and that's pretty cool.

- Yeah.

- For Sure.

- It is. All right, thanks for sharing that.