Senior Ukraine officials purged in major shakeup

STORY: Several high ranking members of the Ukrainian government have resigned or been fired in the biggest shakeup of the war, with corruption allegations hovering over some of them...

... in what President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's administration is billing as a sign the leader is in tune with his citizens.

Zelenskiy, here, warning of the departures. More are expected in coming days.

Those leaving include the country's deputy defense minister, Vyacheslav Shapovalov, after a Ukrainian news outlet accused the defense ministry of inflating the price of food supplies for troops.

They include Oleksiy Symonenko, a deputy prosecutor general, after reportedly spending a ten-day New Year's family vacation on the Spanish coast despite the conflict.

And a deputy head of the president's office itself, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, who had been criticized for driving sports cars during the invasion.

He gave no reason for his exit, and has previously denied wrongdoing, saying the cars were rented.

Meanwhile, the defense ministry denies the allegations of price inflations, but says their man's removal will help retain trust in the agency.

And the prosecutor's office says Symonenko left according to his own wishes.

President Zelenskiy says that, going forward, no government officials will be allowed to leave the country during wartime except on official business.

Five governors of battlefield provinces were also dismissed.

President Zelenskiy, a former actor and comedian, swept to power as a political outsider promising to rid Ukraine of long ongoing problems with corruption.

But the war has largely frozen domestic politics, and political rivalries have been pushed to the side, to focus on the country's survival.