Seniors Singing 'You Are My Sunshine' Will Melt Your Heart

Lisa Marie Farver

This article originally appeared on the Downers Grove Patch

WOOD DALE, IL — If the general outlook seems a little gloomy these days amid the new coronavirus shutdown, a group of seniors did their part to add a little sunshine. The seniors, who are residents of The Radcliff, an assisted living facility in Wood Dale, sang "You Are My Sunshine" in an effort to lift the spirits of community members.

Management at The Radcliff told Patch, "The video was a group effort to help our residents communicate with their families that they are happy and having fun in their home. They all loved taking part in the video and their families felt reassured to see their loved ones thriving."

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The video, posted on The Radcliff's Facebook page, shows different residents singing verses of the popular song. At press time, the video had been shared 100 times on Facebook.

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