SEPTA Ends Overnight Bus Service At Neshaminy Mall

Dan Koob reports.

Video Transcript

JESSICA KARTALIJA: 5:30. SEPTA officials are announcing changes to a popular bus route just outside of city limits. After consulting with Bensalem officials, SEPTA says that buses will no longer be stopping during the overnight hours at the Neshaminy Mall. Dan Koob is live outside of the mall to tell us why. Hi, Dan.

DAN KOOB: Jess, it's a collaboration between both SEPTA and the Bensalem police department to eliminate those overnight hours on bus 14 for now.

FRED HARRAN: Philadelphia's problems were being dropped here and it became problematic for us.

DAN KOOB: Bensalem and SEPTA officials say destination-less riders, sometimes homeless, sometimes with substance abuse issues coming from the city, is the reason for the halt.

ANDREW BUSCH: Anyone who pays a fare has a right to get on the bus and travel, and then they exit as long as there's not an issue with their conduct on the bus.

DAN KOOB: But what they found, officials say, are once off the bus at Bensalem's final stop, those riders were taxing local law enforcement and EMS. Director of Bensalem public safety Fred Harran says this is a solution to not arrest or prosecute those who do not need to be.

FRED HARRAN: Police had to deal with them or they were utilizing our EMS services coming up here because there was nothing else to do with them, they're out of the city and they didn't know how to get home at that point. It became problematic for us.

DAN KOOB: Service will stop from 8:00 PM until 10:00 AM. The Philadelphia office of Homeless Services has this to say in response quote, the city stands ready to work side by side with SEPTA on win-win solutions to these pressing problems, so that everyone can safely get to work and have a place to call home. CBS 3 reached out to the mall's ownership for comment, they did not respond.

ANDREW BUSCH: It is private property so they do have the right to tell us to not operate on that private property.

DAN KOOB: SEPTA does say they are trying to create some alternate routes so that those who do have to get to and from work can do so. Live tonight, Dan Koob, CBS 3 Eyewitness News.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Appreciate it Dan, thank you.