SEPTA Holds Simulated Terror Attack In Lansdale As Part Of Training For Emergency Crews

Howard Monroe reports.

Video Transcript

JOE HOLDEN: You hope it never happens to you, but you have to be prepared just in case. Howard Monroe reports from Landsdale, where emergency crews spent the morning preparing for the unthinkable.

- Exercise, exercise, train crash, Landsdale Train Station.

- A simulated terror attack on SEPTA's rail lines. Sunday morning, emergency response crews from Landsdale and surrounding towns trained for if the real thing ever happened.

JOHN TOWNSEND: How much work do we need? How many vehicles do we have to have? Is our mass casualty plan good enough?

- The drill here is that a box truck carrying explosives intentionally crashed into a SEPTA train. The simulation included responding to the scene and getting victims to safety. Crews were also graded on their response.

- The thing is this is not an unusual event. So when you're in the fire service, you usually go to the fire alarm. You know, it's maybe a house fire. That's a usual event. This is not. This is one of those ones, where everyone needs to go, and look at their capabilities.

- The federal government requires SEPTA to do these drills, at least, once a year. The idea is that all the emergency responses will be working together for when that real call comes in.

That call did come in six years ago after the deadly Amtrak train derailment. On May 12, 2015, eight people were killed and more than 200 injured when a Northeast Regional train derailed in Port Richmond. They say seeing what could happen in real life is even more reason to prepare.

- Preparedness is paramount. Every chance we get the train, we do.

- In Landsdale, Howard Monroe, CBS 3, Eyewitness News.

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