Serbian school shooting death toll rises to 10 after wounded girl dies

The death toll in a Serbian school shooting earlier this month rose to 10 after a wounded girl died.

The victim, who had been in critical condition at a children’s clinic with head injuries since the May 3 attack, died in Belgrade on Monday morning, Serbia’s health ministry said.

“Despite urgent surgery and all intensive care treatment undertaken, the patient, who suffered serious head injuries in the shooting in the school, died,” the health ministry said.

Eight students and a security guard were killed after a 13-year-old boy opened fire at a Belgrade elementary school. Six students and a teacher were wounded. It was the country’s first school shooting.

The shooter had two guns and four Molotov cocktails when he was caught. He had planned the attack for weeks and had a “kill list”, according to police. The attacker’s parents were also arrested.

A day later, a 20-year-old man killed 8 people and wounded 14 others in shootings at two villages south of the Serbian capital.

In response to the violence, the government started cracking down on illegal guns by increasing prison sentences for possession. Authorities announced a one-month amnesty that has so far led to 13,500 unregistered weapons, including anti-tank rocket launchers, being voluntarily handed over.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has suggested he might call for an early election in response to tens of thousands of people protesting the shootings, calling for the government to resign and for a ban on violent TV content.

“After June 8, the state will respond with repressive measures and punishments will be very strict,” Vucic said of the post-amnesty period. “What does anyone need an automatic weapon for? Or all these guns?”

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