Serial Stowaway Marilyn Hartman Arrested Again

Just two days after we heard her speak for the first time in an interview with CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards, serial stowaway Marilyn Hartman has been arrested again at O'Hare International Airport.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Good Tuesday afternoon. I'm Brad Edwards.

IRIKA SARGENT: And I'm Irika Sargent. Breaking news, serial stowaway Marilyn Hartman arrested again.

BRAD EDWARDS: Hartman taken into custody at O'Hare Airport this afternoon. Her ankle bracelet apparently not pinging, so she snuck away from custody. Sources tell me she was caught by the TSA, a TSA agent at the airport. She's been arrested there many times before. I spoke exclusively to Hartman about how she repeatedly got past airport security and many times even got on a plane.

MARILYN HARTMAN: The thing I've got to tell you, I have never been able to board a plane by myself. I was always let through.

BRAD EDWARDS: What do you mean, let through?

MARILYN HARTMAN: I mean I was able to go through the security line without a boarding pass.

BRAD EDWARDS: She'd tell me she basically piggybacked along with another passenger to get through TSA security. A live look right now from O'Hare, where Hartman was caught earlier this afternoon. So much to this story.

And today's breaking developments, we have a team of reporters at the airport and the halfway house where she was in custody, where she was staying, again, on an ankle bracelet. It apparently wasn't pinging. That's how she got away, got to the airport, taken back into custody. Live reports coming up at 6 o'clock on hour 18.