Seth Meyers Describes Donald Trump's Penis In The Funniest Way

Seth Meyersgleefully entertained the “very real possibility thatDonald Trumpsent Stormy Daniels a dick pic” on “Late Night” Wednesday.

In a segment that poked fun at turmoil in Trump’s White House, Meyers noted that porn actress Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford,sued the presidentbecause she claimed he didn’t sign a hush agreement to prevent her from blabbing about their alleged affair.

A detail in the suit piqued the late-night host’s interest ― that she came into contact with “confidential information” that included “certain still images and/or text messages” related to Trump.

Meyers put two and two together and guessed that Trump sent an image of his privates.

“It would look like aFlamin’ Hot Cheetositting on a Brillo pad,” he said.

And we’re done.

(The Daniels portion begins at the 5-minute mark above.)

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.