Seth Meyers Will Kick Off 'Late Night' With Amy Poehler and Joe Biden

Connor Simpson
Seth Meyers Will Kick Off 'Late Night' With Amy Poehler and Joe Biden

The guest list for Seth Meyers' first week as host of Late Night has been announced, and the former Saturday Night Live star has called an old friend and a vice-president to join him, together, for his debut episode. Really?! 

Yep. Meyers will be joined by Amy Poehler and Joe Biden on his first night behind the Late Night desk, on February 24. Nerves will be at an all-time high for Meyers — it's his first new job in 14 years! — so having a comforting presence like Poehler there to keep him cool will be essential to, well, not freaking out. Especially considering vice-president Joe Biden will be sitting next to Poehler on the couch, too. Hopefully Leslie Knope won't be too jealous. 

The rest of that week is pretty stellar, too. Kanye West, Lena Dunham and everyone's favorite broadway stars, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, all visit Meyers while he learns the late-night ropes. Kanye never says anything interesting during interviews, so that'll be the one you can skip.

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With the addition of Fred Armisen as the band leader, and this guest list, our excitement for the new Late Night has all of a sudden skyrocketed over the last few days. 

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