Seth Meyers Returns from COVID to Destroy Ted Cruz’s ‘Pathetic’ Tucker Carlson Groveling


“Well, here we are again,” Seth Meyers said from his fifth remote location since the beginning of the pandemic on his latest episode of Late Night. After testing positive for COVID-19 last week, Meyers abruptly canceled several shows before returning to work while still under quarantine Monday night.

The host went on to joke that when he tested positive, “I tried to get my hands on some of that horse paste, but they were out of it at my local feed store,” referring to ivermectin. So instead he went with “horse pudding,” which “has no medicinal value, and is not a great snack either, but you can definitely taste the horse.”

“Now, I had a terrible week,” Meyers added later. “But the one silver lining was, at no point during the week was I Ted Cruz.” He was of course talking about the Texas senator’s decision to “humiliate himself” by going on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to “beg for forgiveness for the grave sin of condemning a violent insurrection aimed at overthrowing American democracy.”

“It was so pathetic I honestly thought I was delirious from COVID,” he continued. “But it turns out it was real and I was just delirious from my horse pudding.”

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After playing some highlights of Cruz going on Fox to “grovel and debase himself” by walking back his characterization of the Capitol riot as “terrorism,” Meyers said, “Wow, I knew Ted had a thing for self-humiliation, but that is next level. Imagine begging for forgiveness from a cable news host while he sits there with that look he always has on his face, like he’s trying to remember the name of the other guy from Wham.”

Meyers then compared the debacle to “one of those cable news segments where a reporter willingly gets tasered just to show everyone how bad it is.” Even more embarrassing was when Cruz tweeted out the clip of his groveling, “which is a little like posting a video of yourself landing nards-first on a handrail during a skateboard fail with the caption ‘CHECK OUT HOW EPIC THIS IS.’”

But as he often does, the host brought the laughable incident back to something deadly serious. “This is the core of modern GOP politics,” he said. “You have to prove to the base that you have no dignity, that you’re willing to humiliate yourself for them and that there’s nothing too pathetic for you to do in order to win their favor.”

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