Seth Meyers Roasts Trump’s ‘Cringe-Inducing’ ‘60 Minutes’ Fail

Marlow Stern
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“As the pandemic rages out of control and millions of Americans suffer the pain of loss and economic hardship, the president of the United States has apparently decided to make his closing message: The TV lady was really mean to me.” Yes, all week President Trump has been whining incessantly about his interview with 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl, claiming that her unfair questions are to blame for him cutting the interview short before it was completed.

On Thursday, the president chose to release his early cut of the interview, which Late Night host Seth Meyers called “genuinely one of the most embarrassing, cringe-inducing things I’ve ever seen on video.”

In the clip released by the White House, Stahl asked, “Are you ready for some tough questions?” to which Trump replied, “Just be fair,” before shifting uneasily in his seat, adding, “I’m looking for fairness.” When Stahl said she would be fair, but again asked him if he’s ready for tough questions,” the president replied, “No, I’m not.”

“I’m sorry—that’s your big gotcha? That video? You couldn’t handle that rhetorical question? It’s like a boxing ref asking if you’re ready for a good, clean fight and responding, ‘No… I’m going to bite his ear… because I’m bad at boxing.’”

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One of the more revealing exchanges concerned Obamacare, which the Trump administration and GOP are currently trying to strike down in the courts—a decision that would leave tens of millions more people with pre-existing conditions without insurance during a pandemic that’s killed over 220,000 Americans so far.

When Trump was asked what his plan was after striking down Obamacare, he didn’t have one, replying, “We’re going to see what happens.” Stahl pressed Trump on how people with pre-existing conditions would be protected post-Obamacare, and he still came up empty, simply saying, “They’ll be protected” and offering no further explanation as to how.

“He obviously has no plan, and he has no intention of coming up with one either, because he doesn’t care what happens to people with pre-existing conditions,” Meyers said. “And by the way, there are about 8 million more people with pre-existing conditions now that Trump let coronavirus rage out of control. He doesn’t have a plan to protect people with pre-existing conditions—he has a plan to give people pre-existing conditions.”

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