Seth Meyers Says Giuliani’s Dwindling TV Appearances Isn’t ‘Fascism,’ It’s Just ‘Not Wanting to Scare Children at Home’ (Video)

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Rudy Giuliani is none too pleased about his sudden dearth of invites to appear on television amid the Jan. 6 committee hearings, even going so far as to call it “fascism.” But Seth Meyers definitely doesn’t agree; on Thursday, the late night host joked that not putting Giuliani on television is just a means of protecting the youth.

During his “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers pulled up a clip of Giuliani speaking on his podcast, complaining about how he and other Trump allies have been treated after helping orchestrate an attack on the Capitol and denying the results of 2020’s fair and free election.

“They don’t want us to be allowed to be employed, and they don’t want any television station to put us on,” Giuliani whined. “And they say so. And the television stations comply. That’s not fascism?”

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To that, Meyers had a blunt answer: “No, it’s not.”

“I don’t think it’s fascism, so much as not wanting to scare the children at home. I mean this should come with a content warning,” he mocked, pulling up a candid photo of Giuliani speaking aggressively during one TV appearance. “This looks like one of those photos they use for the surgeon general’s warning on a pack of cigarettes.”

Meyers then circled back to Giuliani’s second to last claim, about people that “don’t want us to be allowed to be employed.”

“Who’s us? They don’t want you employed,” he said. “And you shouldn’t be employed! You’re 78, you should be retired and enjoying your golden years, just playing golf in your JNCO shorts.”

Of course, Giuliani wasn’t the only target of this week’s “A Closer Look.” Meyers also called out Ginni Thomas’ “bats—” conspiracy theories that she reportedly texted to Mark Meadows, and he dubbed Roger Stone “the fourth horseman of the weird-ocalypse.”

You can watch the full segment in the video above.

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