Seven Worlds, One Planet viewers amazed by this creature's incredible trick

Chris Edwards
Photo credit: BBC

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From abandoned seal pups to walruses tumbling to their death, there's been plenty of heartbreak in David Attenborough's new series Seven Worlds, One Planet.

And while there were plenty more devastating scenes in tonight's episode (November 17), the standout moment undoubtedly belonged to one strange creature's nifty little trick.

Enter the thorny devil, a tiny lizard-dragon-like reptile that's usually found in Australia.

Photo credit: BBC

Striking to look at, the gold and orange thorny devil immediately stole the show as it strolled onto the scene. But being a relatively small creature, it wasn't long before it came under threat from a bigger predator.

However, thorny devils luckily have a rather fascinating way of protecting themselves in vulnerable situations. Like when needing to drink water, for example.

As was shown in tonight's episode, which took viewers to the continent of Australasia, the spiky dude placed its little feet in a puddle of water and, much to viewer's amazement, began absorbing the liquid like blotting paper.

Photo credit: BBC

The water gradually made its way up its body until reaching its mouth, giving it more time to keep an eye out for potential threats.

Those watching at home were stunned by the creature's skills, taking to Twitter to share their amazement:

Seven Worlds, One Planet airs on Sundays at 6.15pm on BBC One.

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