Seventeen illegal gambling operations raided in Chatham County, nine arrested

Three dozen felony charges have been filed after the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office raided 17 illegal gambling operations.

On Monday, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office announced that nine people have been arrested after a months-long illegal gambling crackdown operation.

The Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that its office inspected 51 businesses, 17 of which were found in violation of state gambling laws.

The violations included possession of illegal gaming equipment, promotion of illegal gambling, and cash payouts for winnings.

In North Carolina, it is illegal to give cash payouts for winnings on gaming machines and for businesses to possess more than five video gaming machines.

“Many of the illegal gaming machines in question were found to be video slot games and fish table games that paid cash for credits won,” a statement from the Sheriff’s Office said.

Seventeen illegal gambling businesses were raided by Chatham County Sheriff’s deputies on Monday.

Businesses cited in the raid

These businesses were cited in the raid and their owners now face criminal charges:

  • A&M Amusement in Chapel Hill

  • Infinity Gaming Software in Siler City

  • Sunhouse Gas Station in Siler City

  • Park-N-Shop Gas Station in Siler City

  • Country Store in Siler City

  • BJS Gas/Bennett Vape and Tobacco in Bennett

Businesses that received a ‘Letter of Compliance’

The Sheriff’s Office said that businesses with fewer than five illegal gambling machines were sent “letter of compliance” demanding the machines be removed from the business. Those businesses are:

  • Silk Hope Services in Silk Hope

  • TC’s Hot Spot in Siler City

  • Smokerz Depot in Siler City

  • Lakeside Grocery in Chapel Hill

  • Community Store in Moncure

  • Jordan Mini Mart in Moncure

  • Quick N Easy 8 in Bonlee

  • Bright Mart in Goldston

  • Pittsboro Mini Mart in Pittsboro

  • Pittsboro Food Mart in Pittsboro

  • Marathon in Siler City