Seventh inmate sentenced in riot at Cambria prison

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Sep. 21—EBENSBURG — A seventh inmate involved in the October 2020 riot at the Cambria County Prison was sentenced in Cambria County Court Friday.

Evan Paul Whited, 29, was sentenced by Judge David J. Tulowitzki to a minimum of six months confinement and a maximum of 12 months, after entering a guilty plea to a charge of riot with the intent to prevent or coerce official action.

Whited, Cameron Cinko, Quadir Neal, Joshua Quigley, Stephen Apostolu, Chad Lawhead, Irish McCall, Malik Byers, David McCauley, Ricky Mason, Jared Nyman, Jesse Ginter, Ali Hassan, Alexis Brolin, Logan Mactavish, Jonathan Bierly, Andrew Colvin and Seth Long all were charged with riot, conspiracy to commit riot, failure to disperse and disorderly conduct, according to a statement from Cambria County District Attorney Gregory Neugebauer's office following the altercation.

Mason entered a plea and was sentenced to one to 12 months of confinement. Mactavish entered a plea and was sentenced to a maximum of 12 months probation. Lawhead was sentenced to a maximum of 24 months probation.

Apostolu was sentenced to six to 12 months incarceration.

Cinko was sentenced Wednesday to 12 to 24 months' confinement plus 30 months of probation following automatic parole

Neal was sentenced to a minimum of 11 months and 15 days' confinement and a maximum of 23 months.

Quigley entered a plea and is awaiting sentencing.

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