Several Bus Passengers Injured in Pittsburgh Bridge Collapse

Ten people suffered minor injuries and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Frick Park was closed until further notice after a bridge collapsed on January 28.

Images posted by Instagram user R.o.b.4 show the collapsed Ford Avenue Bridge, with vehicles atop the wreckage.

Pittsburgh Public Safety alerted the public to the collapse just before 7 am on January 28.

Local media reported that 10 people were injured – three of whom were taken to a hospital. Several vehicles and a Pittsburgh Port Authority bus were involved in the collapse. The three people hospitalized were passengers on the bus, according to local reports.

The collapse came hours before President Joe Biden was due to visit the city to discuss infrastructure. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Twitter that the President had been told about the collapse and that his team was in touch with state and local officials. Credit: R.o.b.4 via Storyful