Several Firefighters Injured In Bridgeport Blaze

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports authorities do not suspect foul play.

Video Transcript

- Developing right now, a home in Bridgeport torn apart.

- You can see smoke still coming from the roof of the home six hours after a fire started inside.

- CBS 2's Jeremy Ross live in Bridgeport on the scene. Jeremy, it was an extremely close call for firefighters battling those flames today.

JEREMY ROSS: And at least seven of those firefighters taken to the hospital. And we're told it's all about how this fire burned. You can still see they have blocked off the street behind us. The fire seen in the distance there. A home ultimately demolished, and this could have been so much worse.

EVA MOSSMAN: He's OK. His dogs got him up and out.

JEREMY ROSS: A Bridgeport homeowner and his four dogs survived. We cannot say the same for the two-story coach house he called home. And it is tough to watch--

EVA MOSSMAN: Yeah, it's emotional.

JEREMY ROSS: --for family friend Eva Mossman.

- All right, come to the A side. The ladder is on the A side.

JEREMY ROSS: You could feel the urgency through calls on emergency radio. Neighbors felt the heat, saw the smoke build early Friday morning. What happened next sent more than a half dozen firefighters to the hospital.

- A mayday was called.

EVA MOSSMAN: It was very scary.

- A flashover occurred.

EVA MOSSMAN: Just devastating.

- A flashover is when all the content in the structure catches fire all at once.

- [INAUDIBLE] guys, where you at?

- It gives you seconds to get out of the fire.

EVA MOSSMAN: They were on the roof and everything.

JEREMY ROSS: Firefighters say at least one first responder was cutting holes in the roof, an effort to allow heat to escape and better attack the flames, when the fire suddenly accelerated its burn. That firefighter jumping from the roof to a nearby building to avoid getting engulfed.

EVA MOSSMAN: They were amazing.

- These firemen all scrambled. They were all able to be rescued.

EVA MOSSMAN: I just saw them when they were, like, bringing them on the stretchers.

JEREMY ROSS: At least seven were hurt, some with burns, smoke inhalation, and cuts. But fortunately, all described as non-life-threatening injuries. Firefighters believe the blaze began in the basement. Hours later, during demolition, you could still spot flames flickering.

EVA MOSSMAN: It's heartbreaking right there.

JEREMY ROSS: While Mossman and other neighbors watch, this is not easy on their eyes. With injuries kept to a minimum, it could have been much heavier on their hearts.

EVA MOSSMAN: The main thing is he's fine. The dogs are fine. Could always re-build a home.

JEREMY ROSS: We are told that firefighter that jumped from the roof is getting his ankle as well as his knee looked at. No word on the cause of the fire at this time. Firefighters telling us they do not suspect any kind of foul play. Live in Bridgeport.