Several Injured After Severe Turbulence on Hawaiian Airlines Flight

Dozens of people were injured, including cabin crew, when a Hawaiian Airlines flight en-route from Phoenix to Honolulu “encountered severe turbulence” on Sunday, December 18, local media reported.

Hawaiian Airlines said in a statement that flight HA35 “landed safely in HNL at 10:50 a.m.” after the incident.

“Medical care was provided to several guests & crewmembers at the airport for minor injuries while some were swiftly transported to local hospitals for further care,” the airline said.

Local media reported at least 36 people were injured. Citing Honolulu EMS Director Jim Ireland, Hawaii News Now reported 11 people were in a serious condition.

Images captured by Instagram user @jazminbitanga shows damage to the inside of the cabin, with panels from the overhead compartments missing and debris strews across the floor.

This is a developing story. Credit: jazminbitanga via Storyful

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