Several shot near baseball stadium in Washington D.C.

Fans and players scrambled for cover at a pro baseball game in Washington D.C. on Saturday evening, after the sound of gunfire filled the stadium and brought the game to an abrupt end.

While it was not initially clear if the shooting was inside the complex, police later said that several people had been shot outside.

Video obtained by Reuters showed people rushing to leave Nationals Park while being urged to stay put.

"Please remain calm and remain inside the stadium."

The District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department had earlier said on Twitter, two people were shot outside of the ballpark.

It later added two more victims to that count, after they had taken themselves to a hospital to treat gunshot wounds.

Local reports later revised the tally down to three.

The Washington Post reported that a man was shot in the leg and a woman was shot in the back.

Both injuries were reportedly non life-threatening, citing police.

Saturday night's baseball game was between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres.

Though the game was suspended in light of the shooting ,play is expected to resume on Sunday followed by the regularly scheduled game.

The shooting occurred in the sixth inning.