Severe weather to add extra burden to Mississippi residents

As severe weather approaches, some residents in Jackson, Mississippi, are anxious about the storm's impact. The city is still recovering from February's ice storm.

Video Transcript

EMMY VICTOR: If you were to take a drive through Jackson, Mississippi, over the past five weeks, you'd notice people standing in line for bottles of water.

CASSANDRA WELCHLIN: You're gonna see water flowing on the streets because those pipes have not been taken care of yet. You are also going to see people's roofs have damages because of the ice that was on there.

EMMY VICTOR: Cassandra Welchlin is the founder of the Mississippi Black Women's Roundtable. Her organization has helped provide basic needs to those who have been without clean drinking or flushing water from February's ice storm.

CASSANDRA WELCHLIN: You could not go to a laundry mat, right? And you couldn't even wash it in your home if you did have even a washing machine and a dryer because the water wasn't clean or you still don't have water.

EMMY VICTOR: As more severe weather enters the area, people are heading to the grocery stores to stock up on essentials like water. But there isn't much to go around.

CASSANDRA WELCHLIN: But the roads were so filled with ice that the delivery trucks were blocked from coming into the city. And so there was no replenishing of the water on the shelves.

EMMY VICTOR: Her hope is that severe weather doesn't cause too much damage to a community already hurting.

CASSANDRA WELCHLIN: Given that people still are-- we're still in recovery mode. Well, actually, it's not even recovery, right? We're still in a crisis, you know? And so there's a lot of anxiety around that.

EMMY VICTOR: Reporting for AccuWeather, I'm Emmy Victor.

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