Severe Weather Preparedness: Lightning Safety

Columbus, Ga (WRBL)- As Severe Weather Preparedness Week continues, today’s topic is lightning safety. In 2023, thirteen people were struck and killed by lightning, the majority of which were men. While there were no reported deaths in Georgia, there was one death in Alabama and four in Florida.

Severe Weather Preparedness: Thunderstorm Safety

From 2013-2023, Alabama ranks third in lightning deaths per state, and second in lighting deaths per one million people. The good news is that through good communication about lighting safety, we have seen a consistent downward trend in average lightning deaths over the last 24 years. They have been cut nearly in half since 2001, with 2023 being the 2nd lowest year for fatalities.

To help continue this downward trend it is important to make sure you know how to stay safe:

  1. If you can hear thunder, go inside

  2. Cloud to ground lightning is the most dangerous form of lighting

  3. Always wait 30 minutes before returning outdoors

  4. Lighting is so dangerous because it can reach up to 50,000 degrees F.

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